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A veritable ride of beats in perfect harmony with the metallic sounds and gloomy voices recurring in all three tracks. “The first lights of the day” is almost like an introduction that announces towards the end of the track, the immediate light of the morning, twittering that opens the runway to the rousing groove of “Basement Chord”, the flagship of the entire work made by Diego Amura, a young dj emerging that shows us here his skill in a pure techno style. “No speech” is the right closing track of his Frole Records debut. The drums got heavier and more thumping as well as the robovox becaming almost a sigh. Here are two remixes made by Florian Blauensteiner, linked to the German label Klasse, and E-dwards!, known for his collaboration with Bosconi Records. Both have reworked tracks with a strong personality branded deep house, with elettro-pop flavoured additions. Some candies in EP format. Enjoy!