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Frole Records welcomes the talented canadian producer Ellroy with his “Everything” EP that contains 4 original tracks plus 2 remixes with a great feeling and dope sounds. “Everything” is characterized by a strong vibe with a nice vocal sample that gives a great impact to the track. “Furciferous” puts in evidence a deep percussive groove and its hypnotic synth, that create a unique flavour! Also remixed by Ekkohaus already know for his release on Cargo Edition and 2020 Vision and the italian Decoside (Exprezoo/Eclipse Music), massive re-touches without leaving out the sounds of the original mix. “Spider on the wall” have a intense and seductive deep sound. At last “Tellurian” a little musical spell from Ellroy, a chillout track that reminds us the good times at Sa Trinxa and Cafè del Mar.