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FRLV011 - The Blak Bottom EP Out Of Stock

Norm Talley – The Blak Bottom EP


Norm Talley lands on Frole Records with The Blak Bottom EP, three original tracks in pure Detroit vibe!

Release date: 6 Feb 2019
Mastered at
Distributed by Basic Frame Distribution

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Ron Maney aka Dj Skull – Persistance Ep


Techno and acid excursions by the Chicago icon DJ Skull on the new Elorf imprint. Incl special remixes by DJ Shufflemaster, Gari Romalis, Lello Di Franco & Angelo Perna.

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Todd Terry – Sax / Together


The legendary Todd Terry back on Frole for our 10th vinyl release. Two special house tracks in typical TT style available in 12″ clear vinyl. Don’t miss it!

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St. David – 80’s Movement EP


New vinyl release from Frole Records with the Italian talent St. David. Four pure analog house cuts.
Vinyl Only, limited edition 300 copies. A must have!

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Pascal Viscardi – The Warmest Color (incl. Kindimmer, ManooZ and Toni Be remixes)


Coming from Geneva (Switzerland) but “napoletano” by heart, Pascal Viscardi is a new face in the deep-house panorama. The 31 years old fellow started his career (as a producer) a few years ago with 2 twelve inches on “The Exquisite Pain”, including remixes from some heavy weights : Mark E, Session Victim and Agnès.

For his debut on “Frole Records”, Pascal kicks in with a single track. “The Warmest Color” is the kind of cut you might play when the sun shows up and the bodies are ready for the slower and sexiest loops. In a totaly « Modern Swiss Vibe » (Did you say Agnès…?) this double kicked tune offers you a straight, extra-shuffled, moodygritty and dubby moment. Is this Love at first sight ?! Yes, it is…

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Volta Cab – My Own Sky (incl. Daniela La Luz Reshape)


Tight rhythms and synths with that 80s taste. These are the hallmarks of “My Own Sky” made by the Ukrainian producer Volta Cab, in a strong acid house style. Daniela La Luz, obsessed by ability of mixing different genres in her productions; a lot of determination in every piece and this remix is the confirmation. Seventh vinyl for Frole Records label, a track full of ambient and electronic sounds, a good mix of beats and avant-garde atmospheres whereas nothing is left to chance. Sounds and percussions change shape and tone, but they are all the continuity of each other.

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Détaché – Valley of Shadows (incl. Anonym and Bonora & Mirko remixes)


Frole Records presents the second vinyl release, this time a producer from the Netherlands. Détaché is a young producer influenced by Detroit, deep house and modern techno. “U010011″ is the typical Detroit track with an undoubted feeling to it. Featuring a dubby atmosphere, playfull synths & dreamy pads. The remixes are made by Anonym (Sushitech) and Francesco Bonora (Abstract Theory) & Mirko (Etichetta Nera) who are staying in this dreamy realm. The track is made at a lakeside which is portrait by the artwork. “Valley of Shadows” is a deep track that is characterized by the dub sound from Berlin. A solid tune full of deep chords and pads that transcends the mind.