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Pascal Viscardi – The Warmest Color (incl. Kindimmer, ManooZ and Toni Be remixes)


Coming from Geneva (Switzerland) but “napoletano” by heart, Pascal Viscardi is a new face in the deep-house panorama. The 31 years old fellow started his career (as a producer) a few years ago with 2 twelve inches on “The Exquisite Pain”, including remixes from some heavy weights : Mark E, Session Victim and Agnès.

For his debut on “Frole Records”, Pascal kicks in with a single track. “The Warmest Color” is the kind of cut you might play when the sun shows up and the bodies are ready for the slower and sexiest loops. In a totaly « Modern Swiss Vibe » (Did you say Agnès…?) this double kicked tune offers you a straight, extra-shuffled, moodygritty and dubby moment. Is this Love at first sight ?! Yes, it is…